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Bro Donnie & Sister Rhonda Wisenhut manage the Old Time Baptist Church van route and ministries.  Every Sunday Donnie and his wife drive the church van to various areas and residences providing transportation to all that wish to attend, from children to adults.  If you or someone you know would like to learn more or request transportation to Old Time, please contact Bro. Donnie at 336-972-1603

sunday school

Old Time Baptist Church offers Sunday School for ALL ages! From toddler, to child, to young adult.  During our Sunday School hour, the children are divided into age groups where they are engaged in crafts, learning, reading and singing.  

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Sunday School for the youth takes place during the adult Sunday School hour from 10:00 am to 10:45 am each Sunday!

Different members of the church participate in leading Sunday School for the youth.  

hosannah church

During the 11:00 am service, Old Time also offers "Hosannah Church" for youth ages four to twelve.  

 During this hour, our youth attend their own "church service" geared more to them! Lead by various dedicated members of Old Time Baptist. 

The children attend in Bible study, singing, creating crafts and fellowship with one another! Hosannah Church allows us to invest in the youth of our church, as they are the next generation!

Each year our Hosannah Church children perform in the annual Christmas Program at Old Time.

 There's something for everyone at Old Time! Visit our About Us page to contact us for further information! 

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